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Salon Services

  • Eyelash Extensions

    We offer high quality eyelash extensions at the length and thickness that matches your style. Choose from a variety of looks and we will customize to your unique eye shape and size. Join the thousands of women who have simplified their beauty routine and say goodbye to mascara and the struggle of applying falsies everyday!

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  • Eyelash Lift

    Tired of curling your lashes with tools that just don’t do the trick? Get a lash lift that holds a curl for your own natural lashes. This nourishing treatment is just what you need for your lashes to show off their natural beauty and enhance your most prominent features.

    Recommended for long straight lashes. (You can also do this one week before you get eyelash extensions). This treatment lasts 4-6 weeks and can be repeated.

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  • Eyelash Tint

    Enhance your natural eyelashes with this safe treatment that will make your eyes stand out. If you feel like your lashes are invisible without mascara, a simple tint can make all the difference. The process includes dying the eyelash from root to tip for a significantly darker appearance that lasts for up to six weeks. This treatment perfectly compliments a lash lift.

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  • Makeup

    Whether you want a natural day-glam look or are ready to dance the night away, our makeup application is sure to last! Get the look you want that will match your personal style. We offer a full-service makeup application for any occasion, including photoshoots, holidays, birthdays, weddings, and any of your upcoming celebrations.

    Permanent Make Up

    We offer permanent makeup (eyebrow shading, eyeliner, lip blush).

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  • We also have hair and nail salon experts on staff.

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  • Get a gift you know they will use. Good for our services and classes.

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