Demand Eyelash extensions are among the hottest trend in the beauty industry. The look is said to be the perfect compliment to a beautiful smokey eye. Lash extensions allow any woman to have a beautiful set of dense beautiful natural looking lashes that can last weeks on end. Not only does this create happy customers and clients, but also repeat customers, eager to get another set put on.  Eyelash extensions are wanted by clients all over the country and across the world.

Certification Becoming trained in eyelash extensions can open the door for you to more income opportunities and clients. Having an actual certification that shows you spent the time and took the class can really assure clients and employers that you do indeed know what you’re doing. I’m sure everyone has heard the sort of eyelash extension horror stories done by the inexperienced cosmologist. A certification in eyelash extensions creates a level of trust between you and your clients that is invaluable.

What To Know Beforehand Before starting an eyelash extension training class, you should walk in knowing the basics. It’s good to know the three major different types and styles and their different advantages and disadvantages. The three most common lash types are mink, synthetic mink, and silk. Mink lashes are made out of real mink. They look the most like natural hair, but they are also typically the most expensive. While mink hair can be harvested without hurting the animal, in some countries like China without animal regulations, the mink can be killed for its hair. Synthetic mink lashes are made out of, you guessed it, synthetic mink. Synthetic mink lashes are usually the least expensive option. They also usually come in a plethora of different styles, lengths, colors, and curls. Synthetic mink lashes, however, won’t last as long or look as real as mink or silk lashes. Silk lashes are typically some sort of blend of real natural mink and synthetic mink. They are typically in the middle of the road in price range and quality. They’re not as nice as natural mink, but they’re considered of a higher quality than synthetic mink.

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