An Eyelash Extension Style Guide: Pros & Cons

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May 12, 2018

An Eyelash Extension Style Guide: Pros & Cons

When choosing what type of eyelash extension to get, one must know all the information they possibly can. While eyelash extensions are very popular, there are many different types and styles available for you to get. These styles and types, of course, have different price tags to them as well To help you be well-informed for your decision, here is an eyelash extension style guide.

Your first choice is mink extensions. Yes, they are made with real mink fur. To some people, this may sound gross, but mink fur can be removed without hurting the animal at all. Unfortunately, some mink fur can come from China and other countries without animal treatment regulations in which the mink is often hurt or sometimes killed for its fur. The mink fur looks like hair. It is light, durable and fabulous. It is considered top quality and as such, it is typically the most expensive. When mink lashes are put on the process will typically take more time because of how fine a quality the lashes are. You may want to be sure to plan to be at the salon for a little while.

Just as it sounds synthetic mink or sometimes known as acrylic extensions are artificial fibers made to look like natural mink. The benefits of synthetic mink are that they are almost always less expensive. There are also more styles, lengths, curls, and colors to choose from with synthetic mink. For those that are animal lovers, there can be a peace of mind knowing that absolutely no minks were harmed in the making of the lashes. Sometimes, up close, the synthetic mink’s inauthenticity can become apparent. They can also be less durable and weigh more.

These are considered a middle ground between one hundred percent real mink and synthetic mink. Silk lashes are usually some sort of a blend of synthetic and natural mink. This makes them look more like natural eyelashes than synthetic mink. They also tend to weigh less, be more comfortable and look more natural while not being as expensive as one hundred percent mink lashes. Though because of its blend composition, silk lashes are not as durable or natural as one hundred percent mink lashes would be.

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